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科幻小场景--孤胆英雄(上) Science-Fiction Diorama---The Lone Ranger

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When I saw this AS-5E3 LEYNOS Robot, I was deeply attracted by its awesome appearance, heavy armor and iron steel feeling, so man! I immediately have so strong impulse to make this robot into a lonely hero, full of power, fighting alone, experienced so many battles in harsh environment and beat so many enemies. Cold winter environment is one of my favorite, which is beautiful and lethal. In the cold winter with thick snow, our hero is fighting near the frozen lake, he has no room to retreat, as his one foot has stepped on the lake and broken the thick ice. Move Forward our Lone Ranger, let enemy taste bitter!   
当我看到这个AS-5E3雷诺斯机器人的时候,我被它漂亮的外形、厚重的装甲和金属质感所吸引,非常有男子汉气概! 我立刻萌发出一种冲动,将这个机器人制作成一个孤胆英雄,它充满力量,独来独往,在艰苦苛刻的环境中经历过无数次的战火洗礼,最终击败了无数的对手。寒冷的冬季环境是我非常喜欢的场景之一,它冷艳却又致命。在严冬的皑皑白雪中,我们的英雄战斗在冰封湖面的周围,它已经无路可退,因为它的一支脚已经踏破了冰面踩进了湖中。前进吧我们的英雄,是让敌人吃吃苦头的时候了!
Chapter 1: Paint and Weathering the Robot 第一章:涂装和旧化机器人
The reference painting guide is printed on the package, but it is not the result I want, what I want is more awesome than this推荐的涂装参考印在了包装上,但是这并不是我所期望的效果,我所期望的效果要比这更酷(Picture No.1).
Picture No.1.jpg
Our hero is assembled and ready for paint and weathering我们的英雄已经组装完毕,等待进行涂装和旧化(Picture No.2).
Picture No.2.jpg
To make our hero more cool, I reference the appearance of Megatron in Transformers3(Dark of The Moon)为了让我们的英雄看起来更酷,我参考了变形金刚3(黑月降临)中威震天的造型(Picture No.3).
Picture No.3.jpg the canvas cape is made by Tamiya Epoxy Putty, I tried my best to make it as thin as possible. The Meteor Hammer is also by D.I.Y, which makes our hero looks more attractive我用田宫的环氧补土制作出帆布斗篷,我尽可能地将它制作得薄。流星锤也是我自制,添加的流星锤会让我们的英雄看起来更加具有吸引力(Picture No.4).
Picture No.4.jpg
Using hobby knife, electric grinders and tamiya epoxy putty I handmade the scratches, shell marks and shell craters利用模型笔刀、电磨和田宫的环氧补土,我制作出了机器人身上的刮擦痕迹、枪弹和炮弹痕迹(Picture No.5).
Picture No.5.jpg Airbrush the robot with AK178 black primer for several layer, then air brush a layer of gloss varnish 在整个机器人上喷上数层AK178黑色水补土,干后在其表面喷上一层光泽透明清漆(Picture No.6).
Picture No.6.jpg Airbrush the external armor with AK705 GRAUGRüN OPT 2, I’d like to add 1 part retarder into 7 parts paint, then with AK712 thinner, I dissolve the mixture into fresh milk consistence对于外部的装甲我喷上AK705北非军团卡其灰,我习惯在7份颜料中加入1份缓干剂,接着用AK712专用稀释剂稀释到鲜牛奶浓度(Picture No.7).
Picture No.7.jpg
For the overspray place of interior part, I repaint them with AK735 Black对于内部部件的过喷区域,我再用AK735黑色将这些地方笔涂成之前的黑色(Picture No.8).
Picture No.8.jpg
As the base coat totally dry, I used a paper tissue dipped a little bit 75% alcohol to rub the base coat very gently, by this way I imitate a black chipping effect等基础色完全干透后,我用餐巾纸蘸上一点点75%医用酒精,用它在模型表面轻柔地磨蹭,通过这种方法,我模拟出了黑色的掉漆效果(Picture No.9 and 10).
Picture No.9.jpg Picture No.10.jpg
For the engine jet, I spray the jet with lacquer sliver color对于引擎喷口,我先为它喷上硝基漆的银色(Picture No.11).
Picture No.11.jpg
After dry, I heavily diluted Tamiya clear blue, about 1 part paint with 78 parts thinner, and paint dull irregular maps on the jet with fine brush, I repeat the process for several times until I satisfied with the result, only when the previous paint is dry, you can apply the other layer当颜料完全干透后,我将田宫的透明蓝色进行重度稀释,1份颜料加入78份稀释剂,用细毛笔在引擎喷口画出一些模糊的不规则图案,这个过程我反复进行多次,直至达到我希望的效果,请记住只有当之前的颜料完全干透后,我们才能笔涂下一层颜料(Picture No.12).
Picture No.12.jpg
Then with the same method, I paint the dull irregular orange maps with Tamiya clear orange接着使用与之前相同的方法应用田宫透明橙,我为引擎喷口涂上模糊的不规则的图案(Picture No.13).
Picture No.13.jpg
For the inside of jet spout, in order to make the depth and black burn feeling, firstlyI paint them with AK735 Black, after dry, I applied Black pigment and fixed it with White Spirit对于喷嘴口内部,为了制作出深度感和黑色烧灼感,我首先在喷嘴口内涂上了AK735黑色,等它干透后, 干涂上黑色的粉彩,并用White Spirit进行固定(Picture No.14 and 15).
Picture No.14.jpg Picture No.15.jpg
For signs on the armor, I mask the designated place and use the sponge with a little bit red paint to dab on the mask, the result is quite authentic 对于装甲上的标识,我首先在选定的区域进行遮盖,接着用蘸有一点点红色漆的海绵在遮盖上轻拍,最后得到的标识效果非常真实(Picture No.16, 17 and 18).
Picture No.16.jpg Picture No.17.jpg Picture No.18.jpg
Before using hairspray technique for chipping, I airbrush several layer of Tamiya clear for protection在进行发胶掉漆技法之前,我先喷数层田宫光油做保护(Picture No.19).
Picture No.19.jpg
7 parts of AK089 and 3 parts of AK088 mixed together, then dilute this mixture with 30% water, I airbrush 2 layers of this chipping fluid on model, let the first layer completely dry, then spray the second layer7份的AK0893份的AK088混合后,加30%的水进行稀释,在模型表面喷涂两层该掉漆液,第一层掉漆液完全干透后才能喷涂第二层掉漆液(Picture No.20).
Picture No.20.jpg
Lightly airbrush an uneven thin layer of white from Tamiya浅浅地薄喷一层不均匀的田宫白色水性漆(Picture No.21).
Picture No.21.jpg
I firstly moisture the surface with water, then gently rub the surface with an old stiff flat brush to make the chipping desired, by using some other sharp tools, I can make some scratching chipping effect, when you are satisfied with the effect, dry it with tissue我首先将表面用水润湿,接着用一支老旧的硬毛的平头毛笔轻柔地磨蹭表面,来制作我需要的掉漆效果。我也可以利用其它一些尖锐的工具来制作出刮蹭掉漆,当达到了满意的掉漆效果,你就可以用餐巾纸将表面蘸干(Picture No.22).
Picture No.22.jpg
Carefully paint some scattered small white dots on model randomly with fine tip brush用细而尖的毛笔在模型表面不规则地点画一些散在的白色小点(Picture No.23). Picture No.23.jpg
Heavily dilute the Tamiya acrylic white paint with water, 1 part paint into 10 parts water, then irregularly brush-paint some maps on model and let it dry将田宫白色水性漆进行重度地稀释,1份颜料与10份的水混合,不规则地在模型表面笔涂上一些色块并让他干透(Picture No.24).
Picture No.24.jpg
Brush-paint some parts with brass color我将一些部件涂成铜色(Picture No.25).
Picture No.25.jpg
For pin wash, I use AK Wash for Sci-Fi Vehicle我使用AK科幻车辆渍洗液对细节进行渗线(Picture No.26).也可以用AK其他深灰色的渗线液进行渗线
Picture No.26.jpg
For the streaking grime, I use AK Space Plate Rainmarks, I prefer soft and dull streaking effects here我使用AK太空船面板雨痕效果液来制作污垢的垂纹效果(也可以用AK其他雨痕效果液),在这里我喜欢将垂纹效果做得柔和而模糊(Picture No.27).
Picture No.27.jpg
With the help of White Spirit and AK Metal Oxide Streaking, I made a very realistic rust streaking, the quantity of rust streaking should not be too many, always keep in mind that less is more使用AK的金属氧化垂纹效果液(也可以用AK013)和White Spirit,我制作出了非常真实的锈迹的垂纹效果,但是不要将锈迹的垂纹效果做得过多过滥,要时刻记住宁少勿多(Picture No.28).
Picture No.28.jpg
For the black steel parts internal, I just dilute one part of AK Space Plate Rainmarks into 5 parts of AK White Spirit, then use a fine tip brush damped this solution for pin wash, wait about 10 mins for dry, then remove the excessive paint with brush damped very little White Spirit对于内部的黑色金属部件,我将1AK太空船面板雨痕效果液(也可以用AK其他雨痕效果液)用5AK White Spirit稀释,接着用细毛笔蘸上这种旧化液进行渗线,让它干燥约10分钟,接着用蘸有少量White Spirit的毛笔抹掉多余的旧化液(Picture No.29).
Picture No.29.jpg
Apply little amount of AK086 Dark Steel pigment on swabs, removed the excess pigment with soft tissue, then rub the surface of black steel part, which can make very realistic steel effect在棉签上蘸少量AK086黑铁色粉彩,并用餐巾纸抹去多余的粉彩,接着用该棉签在黑色金属表面磨蹭,这样可以制作出非常真实的金属效果(Picture No.30).
Picture No.30.jpg
Airbrush two thin layers of AK183 Ultra Matt Varnish for protection and the ideal fine matt finishing, the AK183 no need to dilute, just pour it directly into airbrush cup薄薄地喷涂两层AK183超级消光清漆做保护,同时得到理想的细腻的消光表面,AK183不需要稀释,直接倒进喷壶就可以喷涂(Picture No.31).
Picture No.31.jpg
I use different  tones of AK earth pigment, apply them lightly in logic place, which is the lower part of armor plates, the higher the fewer. Then I semi-fixed (means you can rub it away, but you cannot blow it away) them with fine brush dumped with White Spirit. The capillary of White Spirit is very strong, you just need few touches to semi-fix a large area of pigmentNo worry about left ugly brush marks. For permanent fixation, I pour AK048 Pigment Fixer directly into airbrush cup, airbrush a very thin layer of AK048 is enough, because too much AK048 can darken the tones of pigment选用不同色调的AK土色粉彩,浅浅地符合逻辑地将它们用毛笔点到装甲板的较低处,越往高处我应用的粉彩越少。接着我用蘸有White Spirit的毛笔半固定这些粉彩(半固定的意思就是你可以用手蹭掉这些粉彩,但是很难将这些粉彩吹掉),因为White Spirit的毛吸作用很强,你只需要几点笔触就可以固定一大片区域的粉彩(不用担心会留下难看的笔痕)。为了达到完全的固定,我将AK048 粉彩固定液直接倒入喷笔壶,我只是浅浅地喷了一层AK048,因为AK048喷的太多会暗化粉彩的色调(Picture No.32 and 33).
Picture No.32.jpg Picture No.33.jpg
To pain the shell marks and shell crater, I apply AK039 black pigment carefully with a brush to imitate a burned black area around the shell crater, then semi-fixed it with White Spirit, finally lightly spray a layer of AK048 for permanent fixation. Apply little amount AK086 Dark Steel in shell crater, then polish it with swab. For the melting mark, I damped very little Mr. Hobby silver with swab, then lightly polish the shell crater对于弹痕和弹坑,我首先用毛笔小心地在弹痕和弹坑周围抹上一些AK039黑色粉彩,来模拟这种黑色的烧灼痕迹,接着用White Spirit半固定,最后薄薄地喷上一层AK048做完全固定。在弹痕和弹坑内先用细毛笔抹上少量AK086黑铁色粉彩,接着用棉棒抛光。对于融化的弹痕,我用棉棒蘸很少量的郡仕银色,对弹坑进行轻柔地抛光(Picture No.34).
Picture No.34.jpg
To make the inner of spout have black burn and depth feeling, I carefully applied AK039 into the spout, then semi-fix it with White Spirit对于喷嘴口内部,为了制作出深度感和黑色烧灼感, 用毛笔抹上黑色的粉彩,并用White Spirit进行固定(Picture No.35).
Picture No.35.jpg
Now it is time to make the oil stain effect on spout and joints. I load a flat brush with slightly diluted AK084 Engine Oil, using flipping and Sprinkle techniques to make oil stain splash effect on spout现在是时候制作油渍效果了,我用一支平头毛笔蘸上稍许稀释的AK084引擎油污效果液,使用弹拨平头毛笔的方法来制作出喷口周围的油污溅点效果(Picture No.36),
Picture No.36.jpg
then I carefully painted oil stain and strips with fine brush, make the effect logically接着我仔细地用细毛笔画一些油污和油迹,要让制作出的效果符合逻辑(Picture No.37).
Picture No.37.jpg
For the joints, I paint AK082 engine grime at first(imitate the oil grime effect on joints), after it dry, I paint AK084 inside the area of grime对于关节部分,我首先笔涂上AK082引擎机油污垢效果液(模拟关节处的机油污垢效果),等它干透之后,我在机油污垢效果的区域内笔涂上一些AK084(Picture No.38 and 39).
Picture No.38.jpg Picture No.39.jpg
Now let us begin to paint the gun, airbrush the gun barrel with Steel paint 现在让我们来涂装枪械,我们将枪管喷上一层铁色漆(Picture No.40),
Picture No.40.jpg
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then mask the barrel and airbrush 2 to 3 layers of metal blue paint接着对枪管进行遮盖,整个枪管喷涂2-3层金属蓝色漆(Picture N0.41),
Picture No.41.jpg load the brush with little silver paint, then remove most of the paint by rubbing on tissue, using dry brush technique I built an metal worn effect在毛笔上蘸少量的银色漆,接着用餐巾纸蹭掉毛笔上大部分的银色,之后用干扫的技法制作出金属的磨损效果(Picture N0.42).
Picture No.42.jpg To enhance the worn metal effect, I rub the edge with swab contain little AK086为了强化磨损的金属效果,我用蘸有少量AK086的棉签磨蹭枪械的边缘(Picture No.43).
Picture No.43.jpg 1 part of AK089 and 1 part of AK088 mixed together, then dilute this mixture with about 30% water, I airbrush 2 layers of this chipping fluid on the gunAK089AK088按照一比一混合,接着用约30%的水稀释,我在枪械上喷涂两层这种掉漆液(Picture No.44).
Picture No.44.jpg After the chipping fluid totally dry, I mask the gun with Tack-it strips, the I airbrush 2 light layer of Tamiya Acrylic White等掉漆液完全干透后,我用蓝丁胶(条状)对枪械进行遮盖,接着我喷上两层浅浅的田宫水性漆白色(Picture No.45).
Picture No.45.jpg After the paint dry, I moisture the surface with water, then gently rub the surface with brush, with the help of sharp tools, I can make fine scratches, when you satisfied with the effect, dry the surface with paper tissue gently dabbing等面漆完全干透后,我用水先润湿表面,接着用毛笔温柔地在表面进行抹蹭,利用一些尖的工具,我可以制作出精细的划痕效果。当效果满意后,用餐巾纸蘸干表面(Picture No.46).
Picture No.46.jpg
Airbrush one layer of AK183 for protection, then just as previous, I apply the AK chipping fluid喷涂一层AK183做保护,接着按照之前的方法,喷涂上AK的掉漆液(Picture No.47),
Picture No.47.jpg
then lightly airbrush one layer of thin Tamiya White接着浅浅地喷涂上一层田宫的白色(Picture No.48),
Picture No.48.jpg
making the chipping as previous process像之前的过程一样来制作掉漆(Picture No.49).
Picture No.49.jpg
Dilute the AK738 White heavily, approximately 1 part of paint dissolved into 20 parts water,  paint irregular maps on barrelAK738白色进行重度的稀释,大约一份颜料兑20份的水,在枪管上涂上一些不规则的图案(Picture No.50),
Picture No.50.jpg
while half-dry, gently rub the barrel with swab or flat brush damping a little bit 75% alcohol, then dry it with paper tissue dabbing, this way help us to achieve dull and irregular winter camouflage patterns 当颜料还是半干的时候,我用棉签或者平头毛笔蘸上少量的75%医用酒精轻柔地抹蹭枪管,接着用餐巾纸将它蘸干,通过这种方法我可以得到一种模糊的不规则的冬季迷彩效果(Picture No.51).
Picture No.51.jpg
As the tone of barrel is dark, and the tone of rest part is light tone, I use different AK products to pin wash individually因为枪管是暗色调,而枪械的其他地方是亮色调,所以我选用了不同的AK产品来做渗线(Picture No.52).
Picture No.52.jpg
Again, I use swab and AK086 Dark Steel pigment to imitate the metal finish of gun barrel我再一次利用AK086黑铁色粉彩和棉签来制作枪管的金属质感(Picture No.53 ).
Picture No.53.jpg
Now it is time for pigment, apply several different tones of pigment on model in a logical way, semi-fix it with AK047 White Spirit, then permanent-fix it by light airbrush one layer of AK048 Pigment Fixer现在是粉彩登场的时候了,我在枪械的表面逻辑性地应用上几种不同色调的粉彩,先用AK047 White Spirit做半固定,接着浅浅地喷涂一层AK048粉彩固定液做完全的固定(Picture No.54).
Picture No.54.jpg
To make the gun more realistic, I selectively add some oil and grease stains using AK084为了让枪械看起来更加真实,我利用AK084选择性地添加了一些机油和油渍效果(Picture No.55).
Picture No.55.jpg
For the optics of robot head, I found proper size and color AK lens is perfect for this job, the result is authentic and attractive对于机器人头部的光学系统,我发现合适大小和颜色的AK晶体灯可以完美地胜任这份工作,最后得到的效果非常真实也非常具有吸引力(Picture No.56 and 57).
Picture No.56.jpg Picture No.57.jpg
The canvas cape also need paint and weathering帆布斗篷同样需要涂装和旧化:I airbrush the whole canvas cape several layers of AK735 Black首先为整个帆布斗篷喷上数层AK735黑色, I airbrushdownwardthe AK729 GERMAN GREY BEIGE as base color from obliquely above position, by this way more grey beige will deposit on the crest of wrinkles and upper position of canvas, which make the bottom of wrinkles and lower part of canvas seems more shadow. 先从斗篷的斜上方(朝下)喷涂AK729德军灰米色作为基础色,通过这种方法更多的灰米色会落在褶皱脊上以及斗篷的上方,这样将会使得褶皱底部和斗篷较低处看起来更具有阴影感:add a little AK738 White into AK729, carefully airbrush on crest and upper position to make the highlight level 1. AK729中加入一点AK738白色,在褶皱的脊和斗篷上方仔细地喷涂第一阶高光:add more AK 738 white to previous mixture, carefully airbrush inside the zone of highlight level 1, by this way we can pain highlight level 2. 在上一步的混合物中加入更多的AK738白色,小心地在第一阶高光的范围内进行喷涂,通过这种方法我们可以制作出第二阶高光的效果 add a little bit AK735 black into AK729 the base color, carefully airbrush the shadow level 1 on the bottom of wrinkles and lower part of canvas. 在基础色AK729中加入一点点AK735黑色,在皱褶的底部和斗篷的下方仔细地喷涂第一阶阴影add more AK735 into previous mixture, and heavily dilute the mixture with water, paint the shadow level 2 inside the area of shadow level 1在上一步的混合物中加入更多的AK735,并将它用水重度地稀释,在一阶阴影的范围内涂二阶阴影 to enhance the contrast and volume, I lightly airbrush downwardthe color highlight level 2 from obliquely above position, and lightly airbrushupwardthe color shadow level 2 from obliquely below position为了增强颜色的对比度和颜色的体积感,我用喷笔浅浅地从斜上方向下喷涂一点二阶高光色,然后用喷笔浅浅地从斜下方向上喷涂一点二阶阴影色(Picture No.58).
Picture No.58.jpg
:lightly airbrush a layer of AK3017 Green Glaze to unify the color tones浅浅地喷涂一层AK3017绿色釉剂来统一整个色调(Picture No.59).
Picture No.59.jpg
I mixed AK015 Dust Effects and AK080 Summer Kursk Earth together, lightly spray at the lower part of canvas to imitate the dust effect I wanted, inside the area of the dust effect, I lightly spray a layer of AK017 Earth Effect. To avoid airbrush blockage, I dilute all these AK enamel into fresh milk concentration with White Spirit我将AK015尘土效果液与AK080夏季库尔斯克土效果液混合,浅浅地喷涂在帆布斗篷的较低处来模拟我所需要的灰尘效果,在灰尘效果的范围内,我再浅浅地喷上一层AK017泥土效果液。为了避免堵塞喷笔,我将所有的这些AK珐琅产品都用White Spirit稀释到新鲜牛奶浓度(Picture No.60).
Picture No.60.jpg
: Now it’s time for pigment, I choose 3 different tones, I apply darker tones in the bottom of wrinkles and in shadow area, apply lighter tones on the crest of wrinkles and in highlight area, keep in mind, that pigment should all be applied on the lower part of canvas. When you satisfied with the final effect, semi-fixed the pigment with White Spirit. Later, by using flipping and Sprinkle techniques and AK017 Earth Effect, I made some irregular splash dots on canvas现在是粉彩登场的时候了,我选择了三种不同色调的粉彩,我将深色一点的粉彩应用在皱褶的底部以及阴影区域,我将浅色一点的粉彩应用在皱褶脊和高光的区域,要注意所有的粉彩都应该只应用帆布较低的地方。当你对最后的效果满意后,就可以用White Spirit半固定这些粉彩。之后我选用AK017泥土效果并使用弹拨的技法,在帆布上制作出了一些不规则的溅点(Picture No.61).
Picture No.61.jpg
I mixed 2 parts AK084 Engine Oil and 1 part AK082 Engine Grime together, I paint the oil stain on canvas. Dilute the mixture properly with White Spirit, then I used the flipping and Sprinkle techniques to make the splash of grease oil stain我将2AK084引擎机油效果液和1AK082引擎污垢效果液混合,在帆布上画出一些油渍效果。将该混合物用White Spirit适当稀释,接着我应用弹拨技法制作出一些油迹油脂的溅点效果(Picture No.62).
Picture No.62.jpg
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